BlogblogANN! the return of anntukin

Pagkatapos ng anntukin… blogblogANN!

Yup! I just signed up and set up my blog here in Thanks wordpress! 🙂

I’ll be missing my website *soooo dearly*, yes, i’ll be replacing it with as much as possible i want to retain my previous domain name, but then it is already taken 😛

I debut in blogging last 2007 through and for the past couple of months i was on hiatus mode. and now i want to continue to blog again with my new website, blogblogann.

Why blogblogann? Nothing special really, i can’t think of another domain name other than my previous one, anntukin, but then there’s an already.  awts! My main criterion in choosing a domain name is that my nickname – ann, could be appended to it! Ahaha! And so this morning, as i was signing up in wordpress, a thought came… and vuala! I’m typing blogblogann in the domain name textbox!

I can’t wait to start blogging again! Blogblogann na!


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