Random Scribbling: My Sunday Afternoon

It was a typical Sunday afternoon, spent with Cris at Robinson’s Galleria.

We had dinner and movie. We watched Eclipse – the third of the Twilight instalment. How was the movie… hmmm… it was okay 🙂 I’m no movie critic but the film was fine. I got to read the Twilight series novels. Of course I like the books much better than the action picture, but then, how can you turn a 400+ pager books into a two hour movie? When I think of it, I was never been into books, until I read Twilight. I prefer the young adult genre, fantasy, adventure and anything “vampire” in it I guess 😀 I’ve finished Percy Jackson series, I’ve read of some of Nicolas Spark’s novels and now I’m half on the fourth book of Harry Potter (Yes, I’m just reading it now).


It was surprising really that Cris agreed to meet me that day. He just finished his first full marathon (42K) in the 34th MILO Marathon. He run for 6 hours; limping, aching muscles, sunburn at his back and with blisters at the base of his feet, he approved to our rendezvous. (Isn’t he sweet? :-))

I’m planning to take my first 42K this year also. Nelle and I have been thinking about this. Perhaps this October… So we need to train for it! It’s exciting and I’m a bit nervous about it because I don’t know if I can endure 42 Kilometres! But I guess it’s a worth experiencing 🙂

**image from: http://tengossip.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/new-eclipse-movie-one-sheet-poster.jpeg


June 30th

Good Morning Holiday!

A special non-working holiday today for the inauguration of Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” C. Aquino III as the country’s 15th president!

Yeah! It’s a holiday! it’s funny though that i’m up already?! Ahaha!

It’s a wet and gloomy weather outside… and i’m feeling hungry! Starving really!
Hmmm… what to do today? i just feel like i want to curl on my bed and sleep all day!

comatose mode switch on!

BlogblogANN! the return of anntukin

Pagkatapos ng anntukin… blogblogANN!

Yup! I just signed up and set up my blog here in wordpress.com. Thanks wordpress! 🙂

I’ll be missing my anntukin.net website *soooo dearly*, yes, i’ll be replacing it with blogblogann.wordpress.com. as much as possible i want to retain my previous domain name, but then it is already taken 😛

I debut in blogging last 2007 through anntukin.net and for the past couple of months i was on hiatus mode. and now i want to continue to blog again with my new website, blogblogann.

Why blogblogann? Nothing special really, i can’t think of another domain name other than my previous one, anntukin, but then there’s an anntukin.wordpress.com already.  awts! My main criterion in choosing a domain name is that my nickname – ann, could be appended to it! Ahaha! And so this morning, as i was signing up in wordpress, a thought came… and vuala! I’m typing blogblogann in the domain name textbox!

I can’t wait to start blogging again! Blogblogann na!